Lunch Menu


Jacket potatoes with

Butter   £4.50                                                                          

Cheese   £4.95                                                                           

Cheese & Beans   £5.50                                                           

Tuna Mayo   £5.95                                                                       

Homemade Chilli   £5.95                                                            

Homemade bolognaise   £5.95                                                                    




Served on White or Brown Bread                             

With Salad & Chips

Home cooked Gammon Ham   £5.95                                                         

Cheese   £5.25                                                                

Cheese & Onion   £5.50                                                  

Tuna Mayo   £5.95                                                          

Bacon   £5.95                                                            

Sausage   £5.95                                                         

Fried Egg   £4.95                                                        

Egg Mayo   £5.25                                                         


DEDUCT £1.00



Served with Salad Chips & Dip 

Chicken Tikka   £6.75                                                             

Sheek Kebab   £6.75                                                               

Bacon   £6.75                                                              

Cajun Chicken   £6.75                                                           

Egg Mayo   £5.50                                                                     

Cheese & Onion   £5.50    




All served with a choice of

New potato, Mash or Chips

Fresh Vegetables or Salad

Lamb Shank in Red Wine or Minty Sauce   £11.50                 

Steak & Ale Pie   £9.50                                                       

Chicken & Mushroom Pie   £9.50                                      

Freshly boiled Gammon Ham   £9.50                               

Breaded Scampi   £9.50                                                      

Trio of Pork Sausages   £9.50                                           

Beef Lasagne   £9.50                                                             

Vegetable Lasagne  £9.25                                                

Homemade Chilli con-carne (rice available)   £9.50              

Homemade Spaghetti Bolognaise  £9.50                            

Fish & Chip in our own batter   £10.95 

Fresh Crab Salad (when available)                              Priced

Fresh Crab Curry (when available)                              Daily


LITTLE DARLINGS all at £5.50

Homemade Spaghetti Bolognaise

Gammon Ham & Fried Egg

Jumbo Fish Finger

Chicken Nuggets

Battered Fish


Served with a choice of New Potatoes Mash,or Chips, Fresh Vegetables or



 Lunch Time Specials   

1 Course Lite Lunch £6.95

3 Course's £10.95. (Main, Pudding, Tea or Coffee)

Bubble & squeak Served with Gammon Ham & Fried egg

Cottage pie Served with Veg

Lambs liver & onions Served with Mash & Veg

Fish & Chips in our own batter

Scampi Chips & Peas 

Nepalese Chicken Curry Served with Rice

Homemade Spaghetti&Bolognaise

Beef or Veg Lasagne Served with Chips

Sausage Mash & Peas 

Homemade Chilli & Rice

Onion Bhaji Served with Chips and Salad

Choice of Puddings £3.95

Treacle sponge, Sticky toffee sponge, Chocolate sponge, Custard, Cream, or Ice cream











 The Bank Restaurant Sheringham